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Ecological Footprint

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Alternative Cleaners

Many individuals look for ways to eliminate the amount and toxicity of waste around their home. Using alternative methods or products without hazardous constituents to clean a certain area helps the environment and our health. Here are some ideas to get you started.

Although the suggested mixtures have less hazardous ingredients than many commercial cleaners and pesticides, they should be used and stored with similar caution. Please follow these guidelines for any household cleaner or pesticide.

Household Cleaners and Alternatives


DO NOT mix anything with a commercial cleaning agent.

If you do store a homemade mixture, make sure it is properly labeled and do not store it in a container that could be mistaken for food or beverage. When preparing alternatives, mix only what is needed for the job at hand and mix them in clean, reusable containers. This avoids waste and the need to store any cleaning mixture.