Ecological Footprint

Ecological Footprint

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This is the home page for the three publications that REAPS produces on an ongoing basis. Submissions from volunteers are welcome for all three publications, and can be e-mailed to . Click on the link for each publication to learn more about it, and to view current and past issues online in PDF format. Adobe Reader 5.0 or higher is required to view all files.

Reaps Report

REAPS Report is our monthly newsletter that is published six times a year, with the first issue starting in January. It is distributed to members and the Public Library, Books & Co, City Hall and tourist info. booths in Prince George. The newsletter focuses on environmental issues, waste reduction, and the 3R's. It is broken into nine categories: REAPS News, Local News, Around BC, Around the World, Tip of the Month, Recycle Craft, Coming Events, Web Pick of the Month, and Book of the Month.


Castings deals with worms in our environment, and helps to support our Adopt A Worm Program. All the information pertains to worm health, worm composting, worm anatomy, worm jokes, worm types etc.

REAPS Reader

REAPS Reader is the back page of Castings. It is a source of information on local events, how to help the environment, challenges that people and animals face etc.

Green Office Tips

Green Office Tips This new program offers businesses and companies a monthly innovative simple green tips for your office. Sign up today for a monthly fax or e-mail.

Greening Your Office brochure

An overview of new REAPS services for offices to improve environmental friendliness, including:

Download the Greening Your Office brochure (PDF), or contact REAPS for more information at Also, check out our Waste Assesment Brochure for the Industrial, Commercial and Institutional Sector.

Gardening With Kids

Created by REAPS Having Fun Gardening with Kids is a 24 page guide that has projects, ideas, and resources for the young gardener and their families as they garden through the seasons. Download the Gardening with Kids Guide here!

Sustainable and Environmental Living Guides

REAPS has compiled these guides from a variety of other sources.

Food Guides