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Ecological Footprint

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Castings Newsletter

Castings is your official guide to vermicomposting in the classroom. REAPS is currently celebrating its 14th anniversary, and during that decade plus, it has not only become our  most popular program, but our most successful. The first issue of Castings was published in March 1997, and since then, one issue has been published every month between September and June. The newsletter deals with worms in our environment, and features stories and information from Wilma the Worm and the Worm Lady. Castings supports those classroom participating in the Adopt-A-Worm program , and is distributed free to participating public and private schools in School District #57 (Prince George area). A copy is also available at the Bob Harkins (Main) branch of the Prince George Public Library.

To view a particular issue, click on the link below. On the back page of every Castings newsletter, is the REAPS Reader, a newsletter focusing on the 3R's and how kids can help the environment.

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