Ecological Footprint

Ecological Footprint

REAPS Workshops

REAPS hosts a number of free workshops during the summer months every year. Workshop offerings vary from month to month, so check the month you're interested in to see what workshops we are offering. If the workshop you are interested in is not being offered when you need it, please Let Us Know. Most of our workshops can be offered informally at other times. All workshops (except Building Your Own Vermi Bin and Composter Construction) are free of charge and don't require registration. Building Your Own Vermi Bin and Composter Construction workshops have a small fee to cover materials cost and do require advance registration. Register by phoning (250) 561-7327 or by e-mailing

Workshop Dates

There are numerous dates from May 1 to August 31 in which workshops on composting, vermicomposting, natural pest methods and organic gardening being offered at the REAPS Compost Demonstration Garden [map to garden]. Click below to see schedule of times/dates. If you have a suggestion for a workshop, please e-mail

Download the 2016 REAPS Garden Workshop Schedule (PDF)