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REAPS and City of Prince George: Rain Barrel Partnership Program


The City of Prince George and REAPS are partnering to provide Rain Barrels for residents of the City of Prince George. Designed to help achieve the two partners' common goals of reducing water wastage and encouraging water conservation, this program will make high quality rain barrels available to municipal residents for $65.00 each. Barrels can be purchased at the REAPS Compost Demonstration Garden (1950 Gorse St.).

This program is only one of several water conservation programs the City is currently running. Visit their Water Conservation Program Website or call the City Service Centre at 561-7600.

Since I know you want to learn more about rain barrels and their benefits, keep reading or Contact REAPS for more info. You can also visit our Links Page, where you'll find links to other Rain Barrel websites.

What are some of the benefits of using Rain Barrels?

  1. While 80% of the earth's surface is covered in water, less than 1% is drinkable; the rest is either saltwater, ice (glaciers, ice caps etc.), or polluted. Using rain barrels helps ensure this valuable, but limited resource remains available for us to use.
  2. Storing rain water saves YOU money. By reducing the amount of water drawn from city wells, you extend the life of those wells, thereby helping to keep your property taxes affordable. The more wells the City has to build, the higher your tax bill will be. This is true even for cities that don't have water metres.
  3. Most rain barrel water comes from your roof, and if your roof is clean, will contain very little contamination. Municipal water systems contain hard water, as well as chlorine and sometimes flouride. Too much of these chemicals is unhealthy for your garden.
  4. Rain water is often slightly warmer than tap water. This reduces the shock on your plants, that can come from cold water.
  5. The water you collect in rain barrels is available to you, even if your municipality has a water shortage. You can also use rain barrel water on non-sprinking days.
  6. Old technologies are regaining popularity as cost-effective, environmentally friendly alternatives to modern day, resource hogging technologies. Rainwater was being collected in Jordan as far back as 2200 BC, and the rain collected during the wet season helped villagers get through the dry season each year.

These are just some of the many benefits available to you when you use a Rain Barrel. Feel free to Contact REAPS with any questions you might have.