Ecological Footprint

Ecological Footprint

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REAPS Projects

Here at REAPS, we always have at least one exciting project on the go! But of course, the more projects we're working on, the happier we are. While we are perhaps better known today for our wide variety of programs and presentations, we are just as proud of our projects.

From the newspaper recycling drives that served as the society's first projects back in the early 90's to our projects of today, REAPS carries on a sixteen year tradition of developing sound environmental projects. REAPS' projects serve a three-fold purpose: to educate the public, thereby increasing environmental awareness, to encourage more sustainable uses of our natural resources and to divert waste from the landfill, through the use of the Four R's (Reduce, Re-use, Recycle and Re-think). This triple purpose has proven to be highly effective over the years. Our projects played an invaluable role in helping to achieve this provincially-mandated goal. Between the combined efforts of REAPS, The Regional District of Fraser Fort-George, and the City of Prince George, we are striving for 50% reduction of waste to the Foothills Blvd Landfill. Our projects played an invaluable role in helping to achieve this provincially-mandated goal.

Downtown Community Garden

In 2009, Integris Credit Union and R.E.A.P.S., bolstered by the support of two key city councillors (Don Bassermann and Murray Krause) entered into a multi-year partnership to create a community garden that would see the organic produce go to food banks and soup kitchens in Prince George as well as to individual gardeners involved in the project.

Downtown Gardens Sign

The Downtown Community Garden is intended to address a number of community issues including: food security, recycling, vacant land use, downtown beautification and leadership. The Garden uses 100% recycled materials and is also 100% mobile. Mobility is a key issue because the Garden occupies the site of the future Integris Credit Union Town Centre Branch,so the partners hope that the Garden can be picked up and moved to the next suitable location. With that in mind, Integris, REAPS and the City of Prince George hope that this concept catches on with other Prince George land owners and prompts them to seek productive and charitable use of their vacant land holdings. A story of the Downtown Community Gardens

Compost Demonstration Garden

The REAPS Compost Demonstration Garden, located at 1950 Gorse St. in Prince George, BC [map to garden] is the centre of the society's operations. TheGarden's mission is to provide a dynamic, hands-on environment for the demonstration and teaching of composting techniques,Compost Demo Gardens along with the uses and applications of such. A group of dedicated volunteers began planning for the Garden in 1993. This non-profit association was originally independent of REAPS, although they had permission to use REAPS' society status to get the government funding they needed. By the time the Garden opened in 1994 however, REAPS had assumed ownership of the Garden.

Thanks to continuous funding from The Regional District of Fraser-Fort George, REAPS was able to hire an Environmental Educator to run the Garden. Sally Dabb, one of REAPS' early members was hired for the 1994 season, and Terri McClymont from Ontario took over in 1995. Terri has been here ever since, and her hard work and perserverance has paid off, resulting in the Garden's later expansion. As well, REAPS has earned many awards and nominations thanks to the work of Terri, our many volunteers and of course, all the hard working summer students we've employed over the years. Without all these people, the Garden would not be the highly respected educational centre it is today.

PrinceGeorge Recycle

Prince George Recycle is a free web-based forum where you can offer things you no longer need or want, or where you can seek out items that you are interested in. The forum is super easy to use, and best of all, everything is free!