Ecological Footprint

Ecological Footprint

For more information on our events, or to volunteer during special activities.

Phone: 561-7327

Email: events(at)reaps(dot)org

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Programs and Presentations

The Recycling and Environmental Action Planning Society(REAPS) has a mandate to work towards waste avoidance and support proactive and effective waste management solutions. As part of this mandate, REAPS has a number of educational programs that we deliver. Majority of the funding for our outreach programs comes from the Regional District of Fraser Fort-George , with contributions from Scientists and Innovators in the Schools, Fisheries and Oceans, Direct Access, membership fees and fundraising. As a result of this, all our educational outreach programs are delivered to the public free of charge.

Our programs and presentations are in high demand across the district. Our audiences have ranged from preschoolers to senior citizens and every age in between. Presentation and program settings have included schools, community halls, community gardens, science centres and our very own Compost Demonstration Garden. Our programs are always kept relevant and up to date. Book now to avoid disappointment!

School Programs

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Registration Information

These programs are available to ALL public AND private schools AND preschools/daycares within the Regional District of Fraser-Fort-George for FREE. Outside the RDFFG a fee to cover mileage and time is applied.

Register by Phoning (250) 561-7327 or by E-mailing

If you are not sure if you lie within the boundaries of the Regional District, click on the above link to the District's website or phone the REAPS office.