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Ecological Footprint

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Dumpy, The Overfed Landfill

dumpy puppet

A fun and interactive Dumpy, our Overfed Landfill is a 1 to 1.5 hours long presentation involving puppets and hands-on activities. Your class will save their garbage from the day before, and Dumpy will help you break your garbage down into four categories. The class and Dumpy will then talk about whether all of that "garbage" is really garbage. Your class will have lots of fun and will talk about what they learned for days to come!

Our programs and presentations are in high demand across the district. Our audiences have ranged from preschoolers to senior citizens and every age in between. Presentation and program settings have included schools, community halls, community gardens, science centres and our very own Compost Demonstration Garden. Our programs are always kept relevant and up to date. Book now to avoid disappointment!

About Our Mascot

The Begining of Dumpy

old dumpy puppet

Dumpy the Overfed Landfill has served as the mascot for the Recycling and Environmental Action Planning Society, since 1997 . Our original mascot was nothing more than an old burlap sack covered in real, but definitely clean, garbage attached to the sack by safety pins. The sack was one piece, with holes cut out for the mouth and eyes, and lined with a bedsheet.

Despite its primitive design, our mascot proudly visited classrooms of area schools (public & private), as well as community youth groups and anywhere else he was invited, including the Santa Claus Parade. Everywhere he went, Dumpy made new friends, and helped more people learn about the importance of waste reduction. Despite his popularity, the old Dumpy had a number of drawbacks. The costume did not fit well over taller people, and if the wearer wore eyeglasses, the glasses often had to be removed, especially in outdoor winter events, where they would fog up, due to the poor ventilation in the costume. And the biggest drawback of all: preschool children were often frightened of the costume!

The Rise of a New Dumpy

dumpy puppet

In November 2002, a suggestion was offered by then board member Corey Walker, that REAPS undertake the development of a new mascot, designed by a professional costume designer. Corey and Terri McClymont worked together to brainstorm a new design, as well as a list of features the new costume should have, to make it usable indoors and outdoors, four seasons a year. While few mascots appear outdoors in mid-winter (Prince George can get as cold as -35 degress Celcius in the wintertime), we wanted a costume that could be used indoors year round, and outdoors from early spring through to early winter (generally March to November). With the help from some BC Gaming funds, and the professional work of BC Mascots in Langley, the new Dumpy arrived at REAPS in time for spring 2003!

Since the arrival of our new Dumpy the Overfed Landfill, Dumpy's popularity has been higher than ever, with hundreds of new kids learning about the environment each year through their interaction with Dumpy. While the costume may have changed with time, the message has not:

Reduce, Reuse and Recycle!

It Started with a Tummy Ache

And to think, that it all started with a tummy ache, because too many people were feeding Dumpy waste that he didn't want: for Dumpy only eats REAL garbage that can't be reduced, re-used, or recycled.