Ecological Footprint

Ecological Footprint

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DIY’s that won’t cost the Planet

Lasagne Gardening

Lasagne Gardening

Vertical Gardening

Living Wall from Pallet

Shoe Holder

Winery Rack

Tiered Hanging Basket

Garden Row Labels

Markers from Gift Cards

Garden Spoon Marker

Rock Marker

Juice Can Marker

Cork Marker

Plastic Salad Container – DIY

Propagating Vegetables from Cuttings




Romaine Lettuce

Garlic Greens

Green Onion/Scallion

Bok Choy


Sweet Potato



Creative Container Gardening

Paint Palette

Hanging Pot

Upside Down Planter

Miscellaneous Creative Container Ideas

Colourful Wood Shim Planter Box

Gutter Garden Screen

Strawberry Planter

Elevated Willow Container

Mosaic Pot

Seed Envelopes

Making Envelopes from Magazines

Cut Out Template

Seed Balls

Three Ways to make Seed Envelope

How to fold your own Seed Envelope

Newspaper Envelope (poor instructions, recommend following #38)

Seed Saving

Compost Tea

How to Brew Compost Tea

Garden Ornaments

Colourful Stepping Stones

Painted Rocks

Pallet Fence

Hummingbird Feeder


Deck Chair from Pallet

Greenhouse planter

Outdoor Sink

Wine Bottle Torch

Suitcase Chalkboard Sign

Outdoor Word Game

Glowing Stump Seats (very vague information)

Pallet Shed


Rubbermaid Compost Bin

Four Composters You Can Make in 1 Day

Wooden Composter

Composter from Trees

Pallet Composter

Rain Barrel

Roughneck Rain Barrel

Four Ideas for Building a Rain Barrel

Wine Cask Rain Barrel

Seed Starter Pots

Self-Watering Starter Pots

Made from Newspaper

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