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Waste Tips

How many things will you throw away today? If you made a list you'd be amazed!

Think about snacks! Some come in BIG packages, with each snack individually wrapped. Often each one is also packed in a little plastic or paper tray. What looked like a great big snack turns out to be a little tiny snack wrapped in a whole lot of paper and plastic! And it's sooo small you probably have to eat 2! And throw all the wrapping away!

The average Canadian throws away a tonne of garbage a year! That is equal to the weight of a small car. BUT, because garbage is not compact like a car, it takes up much more room.

What Can You Do?

Become a Green Shopper

  • Don't buy anything that has extra packaging
  • Tell the store managers and the product makers why you aren't buying their products
  • Buy things in bulk - many snacks come that way
  • Limit the amount of prepared food that you buy - make your own pizzas with your favourite toppings
  • Buy big containers instead of little ones - there's way less packaging
  • Buy drinks in returnable bottles - AND RETURN THEM!
  • take your own shopping bags (cloth ones are the best)
  • limit the number of disposable items that you purchase--no paper plates, plastic cups, disposable cameras, etc

Make A Litterless Lunch

  • Buy a lunch box or bag that you are going to reuse many times
  • Make your own reusable bag out of cotton cloth
  • Collect containers that you can keep using so you don't have to use plastic wrap for sandwiches and cookies
  • Use a refillable drink container. Then you can buy your juice in big bottles or cans---small cans and drinking boxes cause a lot of waste
  • Don't buy dessert or snacks that come in single-serving containers
  • Put all your lunch food scraps in a backyard or worm composter