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PrinceGeorge Recycle makes it easy for members to find new homes for good items rather than throw them away. In the process, we’ll reduce waste, save precious resources, ease the burden on landfills, and connect with like-minded folks. Sign up today

2018 Community Events!


Spring Clean Up

April 29

Ecological Footprint

Ecological Footprint

For more information on our events, or to volunteer during special activities.

Phone: 561-7327

Email: events(at)reaps(dot)org

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Save Our Stream to Sea Education Program!

Thank you to all who signed our petition! The school program has been saved! We look forward to ensuring that children have healthy streams and seas in the future!


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We have signed up with CanadaHelps which allows donors to directly deposit into our account and Canada Helps provides the tax receipt. It is easy to do, just follow the link below! And THANKS!

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Reaps working towards waste avoidance

REAPS is celebrating 27 years of 3Rs in the Regional District of Fraser-Fort George by assisting residents, businesses and institutions in reducing their waste and making greener choices. The Recycling and Environmental Action Planning Society (REAPS) was established in October of 1989 with the mandate of fostering environmental stewardship in Prince George, British Columbia, Canada.

Our main focus is on waste reduction through waste avoidance. We accomplish this through outreach and education. [more...]


Do you live in Prince George and are looking for locations to drop off your recyclables such as paper, paper products, tin cans and newspaper.

Download the Regional District's Recycling Brochure (PDF) with a map of locations throughout the city to make it easy to recycle!

Also, the City of Prince George now offers a directory of locations in the community that accept household goods for drop-off/donation. Download the City of Prince George's Household Items Drop Depot Information (PDF).

2017 Online Waste Reduction Directory

Wondering where to bring your recyclables?

Review our online waste reduction directory.

*Updated April 2017

BC's Recycling Stewardships Contact List

Are you looking to recycle a product you purchased in Prince George?

Review our contact list of British Columbia's Recycling Stewardships.

There are a number of recycling stewardship programs in place in the community, where companies will accept products for recycling - anything from pesticides to cell phones!

Pet Waste Composting

Wondering what to do with pet waste?

Review our online information sheet.

Composters and Rainbarrels


Rain Barrels: The City of Prince George and REAPS have partnered to provide Rain Barrels for residents of Prince George. Cream rain barrels are $75. A WaterSaver downspout rainwater diverter simplifies the collection of rainwater. It installs in minutes and deactivates in winter in seconds. Cost $20

Earth Machine

Composters: REAPS sells the Earth Machine composters for the RDFFG for $50 and the wingdigger (composter turner) for $15.

Do your part to help Mother Earth. To buy any of the above, stop by the garden daily between 12:30 and 4:30pm.

We're at 1950 Gorse St. by Lheidli T'enneh Memorial Park (end of 20th Avenue).