Ecological Footprint

Ecological Footprint

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Worm Sorting

Let The Worms Do The Sorting

This is the easiest method of harvesting. Place the finished castings to one side of the bin, place the new bedding in the space created and put the waste in the new bedding. Worms will gradually move over to the new area in search of food. Once this occurs, remove castings and use.

worm 1. Pull castings and worms to one side of the box.

worm2. Add new bedding to empty side.

worm3. Bury kitchen wastes in new bedding. Worms will move to new bedding in search of food.

worm4. Cover new bedding with paper. Remove castings in 2-3 months and replace with new bedding.

Hand Sorting

1. Empty worms and castings onto a large plastic sheet.

worm2. Make pyramid shaped piles. Shine a bright light over sheet.

worm3. Worms go to bottom of piles to avoid the light. Scoop castings away and the worms will be at the bottom of each pile.

worm4. Save the castings for your garden and house plants.

wormAdd worms to bin with new bedding and sand.