Ecological Footprint

Ecological Footprint

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Why Compost?

Compostable materials, such as yard and kitchen wastes make up more than 30% of household waste. Composting these materials goes a long way towards reaching the Fraser - Fort George Regional District's goal of reducing waste to landfill by 50%.

Goals aside; why send to the dump material that can enrich the soil and save you money? Finished compost can replace expensive chemical fertilizers and give you healthier shrubs, vegetables, flowers and grass.

What is Composting?

Composting is a natural process that occurs when plant material dies. Bacteria, fungi, worms and other organisms living in the soil and air transform dead plants, leaves, etc into a rich dark material called humus or compost. Take a look! This brochure shows the cycle of compost.

Types of Composting

If you want proof that composting REALLY works, just watch the short video clip below. It shows our Compost Demonstration Garden in bloom.

How to Make Composters from Garbage Cans

Click Here for instructions on how to convert an old garbage can into a valuable backyard composter.