Ecological Footprint

Ecological Footprint

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The Recycling and Environmental Action Planning Society (REAPS) was established in October of 1989 with the mandate of fostering environmental stewardship in the Regional District of Fraser Fort George. Our main focus is on waste reduction, in which we are assisting the Regional District towards its goal in reducing the amount of waste going into the Prince George landfill by 50% plus. REAPS offers various forms of community outreach and public awareness, including programs in the schools, garden workshops, and other educational initiatives, where people can learn about composting, recycling, vermicomposting, organic gardening and many other environmental issues.

As a registered charitable society that has been operating for since October 1989, we have had many sponsors who have helped to make our programs possible. Our major sponsor is the Regional District of Fraser-Fort-George, who provides us with the BULK of our operational funding. Thank You.

Our main focus is on waste reduction through waste avoidance. We accomplish this through outreach and education.

The History of REAPS

REAPS (Recycling and Environmental Action Planning Society) as we are properly known celebrated twenty years in 2009!

In 1989, a group of concerned citizens met together during a camping trip to see what they could do about the lack of recycling facilities and general concern about the environment in Prince George at this time. These people soon discovered that they weren't alone, but that many other people in the community were concerned about environmental issues as well. Soon, REAPS was established as a registered, non-profit society with a mandate to spread the word about environmental issues. Numerous paper recycling drives happened throughout the city during our first few years until recycling drop-off centres were established throughout the Regional District. These drives resulted in large volumes of cardboard and newspaper being brought to the trucks stationed in the supermarket parking lots, which were then shipped off to the Lower Mainland for recycling.

In 1993, the City of Prince George approved the establishment of a Compost Demonstration Garden located beside Fort George Park. The garden was designed to showcase various types of plants (perennials, shrubs, vines, vegetables and herbs) and flowers indigenous to the area using natural pest control methods, organic gardening and compost ( fertilizer, topdressing, tea and growing medium). A variety of composters were built by staff and volunteers and others were donated by local businesses. These composters show garden visitors what's available locally so that they can determine what best suits their needs.

1994, Sally Dabb headed the development of the Compost and Demonstration Garden and introduced the education of solid waste and organic gardening alternatives to the residents of Prince George.